1880 Mackenzie Drive / Suite 210
Columbus, OH 43220-2956

On-Site Flu Shot Clinic at your Office or Factory in Columbus, Ohio

Our corporate wellness programs offer onsite flu immunization clinics at your office or factory in Columbus, Ohio and the midwest. Let the "Best Shot" program bring flu shots to your business to keep your workforce healthy.

A service of the Travel and Immigration Clinic located on the Mount Carmel West campus, the "Best Shot" program brings inexpensive flu immunizations for your employees to your place of business, saving them time and money.

The flu not only compromises the health of your employees, but the efficiency of your business. Each bout of the flu takes about three or more sick days per employee and often spreads to other employees. Influenza is a highly contagious disease that can quickly spread in the workplace. Immunizations are recommended by the Center for Disease Control for the prevention of the spread of various types of flu.


The cost of the "Best Shot" service is $25.00 per person. Although there is no minimum, we do charge a $50 visit fee if fewer than 30 people are vaccinated. Please visit the CDC website for information about the influenza vaccine.

For more information and to schedule your visit, call us at 614-224-9052 or send your request to Dr. Bloomfield at rbloomfield@covad.net

We are located in the center of Upper Arlington near the intersection of Henderson and Reed Road. Look for the Huntington Bank at the corner of Reed and Mackenzie, go west on Mackenzie and we’re the third building on your right. COTA 33 stops at Henderson and Reed and from there we are a 10-minute walk.
Last Modified November 2021